Song of the Day: Father’s Children “Intellect”

Back in the early 2000’s I ran across a 45 that would really come in handy later later; a 45 by a group called Father’s Children on Arrest Records. The 45 showcased 2 tunes, the first being “Intellect”, the second being “Linda”. I filed it away with my other local records, periodically pulling it out to listen and think. The feel of Intellect was different from most indie soul 45s, being that it felt extra positive/uplifiting, had that funky yet smooth edge, and at the same time, projected very specific lyrics that were meant to push the city’s youth to focus more on their education and brain development to get ahead in life. Hmmm. Fast forward a number of years, and I droped the 45 for a friend from NYC, Mr. Jeff “Chairman” Mao. He brought up a point that stuck with me ever since, that, off the cuff and out of context, the hook sounded like they were promoting the internet. “Our only weapon is our internet”, instead of, “our only weapon is our intellect”. Ha. Anyways, having this record helped me to recognize reel to reels located in the garage of one Jose Williams, as being the same group, and thus, an important project to focus on. Today, the Father’s Children LP released by Numero, owes part of it’s existence on how the connection was made between the 45 and the reels (and also, the existence of the extra 45 that was included). Hope you enjoy this tune on the “INTERNEEEEEEET”!

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