Song of the Day: Dubbel Dutch “Dip So”


Dubbel Dutch deftly combines club, house, and dancehall

Austin-based producer (by way of New York) Dubbel Dutch (aka Marc Glasser) released his Cloud Club EP in November on Mixpak Records. The EP is an exercise in combining his multiple influences into a hard-to-classify sound.  [Perhaps it is the proliferation of sites like Soundcloud—or even cloud computing itself—that has brought down genre barriers in cases like Glasser’s EP.] All the songs are pretty great, but “Dip So” is one of my favorites. He deftly combines differing genres (club, house, and even traces of dancehall) and it is all very understated and very well done. The frenetic nature, rooted in a melodic groove with pitched up female toasting is all combined to a very pleasing sound. Take a listen to Dubbel Dutch’s “Dip So” and the rest of his EP here and on Soundcloud.

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