Song of the Day: Clarence Reid “Winter Man”

Clarence Reid

Song of the Day: Clarence Reid “Winter Man”

Clarence Reid (1939 – 2016)

Hailing from Miami, R&B singer/songwriter Clarence Reid (1939 – 2016) passed away this week at the age of 76. In addition to releasing three full length albums (and 28 singles) in the 1960s and 1970s, Reid wrote for and produced great artists including Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McCrae, Jimmy “Bo” Horne, Bobby Byrd, and KC & the Sunshine Band. Despite these successes, Reid was better known by his alias, the foul-mouthed masked super villain Blowfly, a character created so he could record hilarious and sexually explicit ‘party records’ without damaging his reputation as a serious artist. Inevitably, Blowfly was a far more enduring character than the artist himself.

Speaking of inevitability: as panic grips the nation’s capital while it [over-]prepares for this weekend’s storm, relax for a moment and enjoy the sweet, warming soul of “Winter Man.” Originally the b-side of the 1974 “Funky Party” single on Alston Records, “Winter Man” is now available on the 2008 Funky Party collection.

I hear that cold wind blowing
Through the limbs of the trees
And as I stare out of my window
I can see the falling of the leaves
Hello, Old Man Winter
I’ve been kind of expecting you
I have my woman here beside me
So there’s no harm you can do
I feel sorry for the people you catch alone
With no love to call their own
Cause only love can keep them out of your hands
You mean old Winter Man
You cold, cold, cold…

She keeps me warm with her sweet love
When you make things cold
Her love is like fire
That heats up my soul
Her arms are like a blanket
That keeps me all wrapped up
I even use a little bit sugar
To sweeten the coffee in my cup
I hear you blowing outside of my window pane
But to me and my baby, don’t mean a thing
Cause we got love to keep us out of your hands
You mean old Winter Man
You cold, cold Winter Man

I hear your cold winds blowing
But they don’t bother me
Go on and blow, Mr. Winter Man
Blow your winds at another man
Cold, so cold, cold, cold, cold…

Clarence Reid Winter Man

Song of the Day: Clarence Reid “Winter Man”

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