Song of the Day: Carole King “I Feel the Earth Move” (live)

I feel fortunate to have started listening to radio in the early 70’s. Back before the marketing guys took over commercial radio one could hear an amazing variety of music on your average Top 40 station. Bill Withers followed by Badfinger followed by Sly and the Family Stone, Jerry Reed and the Grand Funk Railroad! Country, funk, rock, and soul all living side by side.
One of the biggest LPs in the early 70’s (and of all time actually) was Carole King‘s Tapestry. Released in 1971 this record is easily one of the best of that decade. The LP spent 15 weeks at number one and sold over 25 million (yes 25 million) copies!

The song I picked here is a live version of “I Feel the Earth Move.” Anyone who knows this album (and a lot do) will recognize it from the very first notes of that pounding piano riff. And it just goes from there. I’ve played this at many a wedding and it never fails to produce smiles and frantic dancing (especially for folks that were around in 1971!). Enjoy!

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