Song of the Day: Candi Staton “Young Hearts Run Free”


Every now and again, just for a laugh, I’ll read articles about the legendary Disco Demolition Night that took place in the summer of 1979 at Chicago’s Comiskey Park.  I imagine the 50,000 who attended the night would have thought differently about the genre had they taken to time to listen to the thousands of really good disco tunes, instead of relying on watered-down songs put out by imitators, manufactured groups or labels and artists trying to cash in on the wave.

One of my favorite disco tunes is Candi Staton’s “Young Hearts Run Free,” from her 1976 album Young Hearts Be Free.  It brings back fond memories of my mother and her sisters dancing in the living room.  I wonder if any of those 50,000 have seen the light and now enjoy gems like these.


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