Song of the Day: Otis Spann “Mule Kicking in My Stall”

For today’s song of the day I turn to my all-time favorite blues pianist, Otis Spann. It is usually blues guitarists who get all the glory so I wanted to give this great pianist his shine. Spann, like many of his contemporaries, was born in Mississippi but migrated to Chicago after World War II. He played with everyone from BB King and Muddy Waters to (a pre-Stevie Nicks) Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton. Spann died at age 40 in 1970.

If you think hip-hop is gangsta then you haven’t heard this! Some sample lyrics:
I’m gonna shoot my baby
I’m gonna kill my baby keep that mule away
To drive that mule away
If I find that doggone mule there won’t be no mule anymore

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