Song of the Day: Orlandivo “Tudo Joia”


Song of the Day: Orlandivo “Tudo Joia”

Some albums just radiate joy

Some albums just radiate joy and Orlandivo‘s self-titled LP from 1977 is one. From the cover photo of Orlann Divo (his real name) and his son smiling in a park to the joyous bossa samba soul grooves contained within this record always makes me happy. “Tudo Joia” (or “Everything is Good”) is a delightfully festive track that will help you start the New year right.

The track bounces by like a wave of light, propelled by a gentle bossa rhythm punctuated by the odd stab of funk. Rounding out matters are some snappy guitars, some gentle flute riffing, some subdued horns, and of course, Orlandivo‘s infectious vocals (accompanied by a chorus of female back-up singers). While the track is a masterpiece of good times, every track on the album is a winner. This opening one sets the mood and is beyond infectious. A perfect holiday tune in any language. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Orlann Divo was born Born on August 5, 1937 in Itajaí, Santa Catarina. He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1946 where he started out as a promising percussionist in the band of Ed Lincoln. He rapidly expanded he repertoire, going beyond percussion and adding singing and composition to his talents. He further developed artistically throughout the 1960’s, gaining a following and recording a number of hit records. While his 1977 self-titled album (from which “Tudo Joia” was taken) was not well known at the time of its release, it has subsequently become a cult favorite among collectors and connoisseurs of Brazilian records. Divo continued performing right up until his death in 2017.