Song of the Day: Harry Manfredini ‎”Friday The 13th Part 3″

Friday The 13th

Song of the Day: Harry Manfredini ‎”Friday The 13th Part 3″

Consider it a preview of next month’s annual Shocktober extravaganza, but Harry Manfredini‘s camp disco theme to the third installment of the Friday The 13th franchise hits just the right blend of spooky and fun. While the track features some great eerie sound effects, it is also driven by relentless synth squelchy synth bass that, much like the film series itself, does not itself as seriously as many of its more hardcore fans do.

Released in 1982, the film opted for gimmick 3 in the title = 3D and the film duly came equipped with scenes of unstoppable killing machine/ vigilante moral crusader when it comes to teenage sex and drinking Jason Voorhees pointing knives directly at the camera while the audience looked on through red and blue lenses. It is also notable for being the first in the franchise wherein Jason first wears what would become his trademark hockey mask. It is also the point in the series where the filmmakers became self-aware. Things would begin to get much stranger from here.

Here is hoping you don’t fall afoul of your own Jason this Friday the 13th. If you are anything like me, the hint of fall in the air is enough to get you excited for the Halloween season. Stay tuned beginning Tuesday, October 1st for this year’s Shocktober.

Harry Manfredini