Single of the Week: Say She She “Forget Me Not”

Say She She

Single of the Week: Say She She “Forget Me Not”

Available now on Karma Chief Records, “Forget Me Not” is the debut single from Say She She, a Brooklyn-based, female-led 7 piece featuring the vocals of Nya Parker Gazelle, Piya Malik, and Sabrina Cunningham. The band name is a phonetic spelling of “C’est chi chi!,” a timeless hook from Nile Rodgers’ Chic.

My wife Katie has a magical way with her Spotify algorithms, so even though I’m on the Karma Chief/Colemine mailing list, I give her full credit for turning me on to this.

On “Forget Me Not,” the band combines dreamy three-part harmonies, a catchy-as-hell Eastern-inspired trilling vocal hook, a downtown mid-tempo organic funk groove, and protest-conscious lyrics that pay tribute to New York City’s Guerilla Girls. Say She She sound like Blondie in a Bollywood disco. This is staying in my 45 box all summer long. Highly recommended!

Grab your download or limited-edition vinyl single (going fast!) at Say She She’s Bandcamp page or at Karma Chief’s parent label, Colemine Records.

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