Scott Hardkiss [1969-2013]

Yesterday we lost a great producer Scott Hardkiss. I first heard his music via the song “Raincry” which was part of his Godwithin alias. The song was euphoric, deep and jamming all at the same time and felt like the perfect soundtrack to vibes and feelings of that time and space. That song in particular went on to be be used in several movies and shows and is considered a highly collectible 12″ record if you can find an original vinyl pressing.

Scott Hardkiss was born in the Bronx in the 70’s and learned his craft by hosting and DJing some of the earliest rave parties on both the east and west coast. He was influenced by the early hip-hop sound, which at that time incorporated all styles of music into a funky musical stew that included everything from New Wave to Go-Go. He traveled around the east coast and Spanish islands and picked up a psychedelia to his sound.

He was drawn out west to San Francisco and set up shop with two friends calling themselves the Hardkiss Brothers and together they took the electronica scene by storm with a string of stellar releases and DJ mixes. He dominated the rave scene for 10 years playing all over the world and he also created all the cover art and press releases and was a real multi-media producer. His graffiti was even featured in “Free Agents: A History of DC Graffiti” and some other books as well.

After a decade of working and living on the west coast he moved back to New York, where he proceeded to compose and produce scores for film & television. He wrote music that was featured in several major films and commercials and even had a Levi’s ad which won Time magazine’s “top 10 commercials of the year.” He was well respected and sought after for his unique vision and sound. He also produced music for several people including Lisa Shaw, and was seen recording with Jennifer Anston.

I leave you with “Raincry,” the song that first turned me on to Scott Hardkiss.

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