Here is my top ten for 2011, as you can see I have some chill wave and some straight up dance-floor bombs filling out my top ten. This has been an amazing year musically, and we were blessed with tons of great albums and singles.

I tried to include Youtube links for all the songs but some songs are more dj oriented tracks and they just didn’t have the video up there for it. Please check them out and if you dig anything I included the buy link right next to the song title so that you may go on and purchase any of the songs you dig.

1. Arcadion “Paint Pots” Buy Link
Arcadions album is so good, it was really hard to pick a favorite song from it. He brought in the classic DC Go-Go sound and added in some serious synth-funk and pretty much invented a new genre in the process. I’m calling it future Go-Go, but really it’s just bad-ass funk from front to back.

2. Coati Mundi “No More Blues” Buy Link
Coati Mundi has been around since the disco days and released an album this last year which is just really stellar, left field dance music never sounded so good.

3. Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta “Neu Chicago” Buy Link
Clive Tanaka hails from Japan and he dropped this really interesting EP mixtape kinda of thing mid year in 2010, but it took me a while to find it. Anyway, I’m putting it on my list for this year since it’s been something that I really think you should check out.

4. Washed Out “Soft” Buy Link
I was late to the Washed Out game, but his new album is really, really chill and wonderful. I find myself going back to “Soft” time and time again when I need something to relax out and jam to at the same time.

5. Bing Ji Ling “Everybody” Buy link
Tummy Touch sent out this promo with “Everybody” this year and it blew me away, I love the instrumentation and lyrics and he just weaves a pretty song.

6. Toro Y Moi “Saturday Love” Buy Link
Toro Y Moi’s new album is super good, this feel good boogie cover is pitch perfect and damn funky.

7. Neon Steve “Flipped the Script” Buy Link
Neon Steve is the new Ghetto-Funk wonder-kid and boy does he lay it down thick with this re-work of Rakim.

8. Itchy Bastards “Money” Buy Link
Morlack of Itchy Bastards fame and I have been going back and forth with various DC Go-Go re-edits and remixes and I thought his Chuck Brown re-mix is just perfect. I love the way he updated the sound but kept the funk alive.
*Sorry no video for this song

9. Boca 45 “Return of the Original Dancefloor Freaks” Buy Link
I have been a fan of Boca 45 for a long time and I was super stoked to see him with a new EP out, this is classic cut and paste breaks which can never go wrong in my book.
*Sorry no video for this song

10. Neon Indian “Polish Girl” Buy Link
I was late on this song but it’s really grown on me, Neon Indian just gets better and better with his keyboard work. Touching on 80’s, but updated in a really cool and refreshing way. Neon Indian did it large in 2011.

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