chris-rod-wedding-0920Chris & Rod’s amazing West Virginia farm wedding | [image courtesy Leo Druker Photography]

Since 2000 DJ D-Mac has been filling dance floors all over the DC area. Bringing an eclectic and crowd-pleasing mix of tunes to his DJ sets, D-Mac always demonstrates the taste and skill that has made him one of the most in-demand DJs in the area.

versatile, adaptable, intuitive & skilled DJs

His broad range of experience and deep selection of music–-encompassing soul, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, disco, Latin, funk, pop and more–-make him the ideal entertainment choice for your wedding, house party, holiday party, BBQ, graduation,… you name it. And with his team of highly-skilled, hand-selected associate DJs, D-Mac’s always got you covered.

There are many DJ services that “specialize in weddings” or “exclusively DJ weddings.” Would you trust a mechanic who repairs only one model of car? Or a plumber who will only work with brass pipes? Or a chef who cooks nothing but steak? It takes a variety of experiences (clubs, weddings, private parties, etc.) to create a truly versatile, adaptable, intuitive and skilled DJ. DJ D-Mac & Associates excel where others come up short. We can rock any party, and we’ll rock your party like nobody else can!

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