Late March already and I haven’t posted a chart in three months…! Here are a few recent purchases I’ve been grooving to lately. Some you’re going to hear at Marvin, some stay at home. But all are worth checking out.

1.  Blossom Dearie – Sunday Afternoon [Daffodil Records]
Breezy jazzy pop number (from 1973’s Blossom Dearie Sings LP) about a Sunday drive from the always delightful Blossom Dearie. Her recent passing adds a certain bittersweetness.

2.  Al Jarreau – Kissing My Love [Allegiance Records]
Al Jarreau (!) comes correct with this breaks-heavy Bill Withers cut from the Jarreau Does Withers LP from 1984.

3.  Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin Jr. – The Riot [Bell Records]
Breaks for days on this bongos ‘n’ tension filled instrumental track from the 1970 R.P.M. soundtrack.

4.  Bill Conti – Packing Up [20th Century Fox Records]
Another dramatic bass-heavy groove from the 1978 soundtrack to An Unmarried Woman.

5.  Assembly Line – Falling Back [Cardboard City Records]
Nice drama-fueled instrumental hip-hop from this Australian production duo. Brand new and worth checking out! Bonus points for the vintage feel of the sleeve design.

6.  Quincy Jones – Money Runner [Reprise Records]
Classic chase theme from the $ (money) soundtrack from 1972.

7.  Midnight Lab Band – The Forgotten Chant [Names You Can Trust]
Hard-hitting instrumental disco flavor from Brooklyn’s own Oneman and E’s E.

8.  GRC (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition) – Hollywood Thing [NYC Trust]
Stunning instrumental disco from NYC Trust’s first White Label release. Pure dancefloor fire!

9.  Paper Plane Project – Let It Bang ft. Raashan Ahmad [Cardboard City Records]
Jazzy underground hip-hop from Down Under. I’m also feeling the Rio-flavored cut, Welcome to Brazil.

10.  Barkitecture – Boomyouth [J Street Records (DC)]
Heavy homegrown jazzy psychedelia from the Nation’s Capital. From the Quarry LP, pressed on white marbled vinyl and wrapped in a handsome silkscreened cardboard sleeve. Excellent!

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