DJ D-Mac emerges from the laboratory with another horrific audio elixir. Monster breaks, brain-frying psychedelia, and terrifying themes for nights of mayhem. Perfect for Halloween scares but it’ll creep up on you long after October has ended…

A Grip Of Terror by DJ D-Mac

John Harrison – Welcome to Creepshow
The Giallos Flame – Body Snatchers
Goblin – Death Dies
The Cramps – TV Set
Ennio Morricone – Paranoia Seconda
Goblin – Suspiria (Celeste & Bells)
Spoon – Tweakers
The Gaslamp Killer – Baiafro
The Budos Band – Deep in the Sand
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
Tino – Magic Dub
Special Productions – Ghost Dub ’91
? – Technischer Bewegungsabluf
MRR-ADM – [side 2 track 1]
Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr. – The Riot
Mr. Chop – Monolith Voodoo Vibes
MJ – Thriller (Red Kult Remix)
Sounds Records – Dinner Music for Monsters
Bauhaus – Kick in the Eye
Alain Goraguer – Ten Est Assome
Goblin – Witch
Geoff Love & His Orchestra – Tocata in D Minor
The Damned – Torture Me

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