DJ Rusty B’s Top Ten for 2013


1. Sander Molder “In Your Eyes”
Wow, this song had me from the first time I heard it. Really deep groovy and moving, the vocal cuts and funky synths totally take this song over the top. Plus I really grew a sweet spot for 100bpm jams this year and this really helped me keep digging in that direction.

2. Vanguard “Everytime”
This song starts with waves crashing and the keys slowly build with the vocal until it reaches a perfect climax. R&B infused songs really invaded my soul this year and this one is set to be a classic.

3. Pomo “Work it Out”
2013 was the year that really got me back into House music, I have always played it and dug in the genre a bit but the influx of new ideas and talent has really brought me back to my DJ roots. Pomo is gonna blow up in 2014, and this and “So Fine” are perfect examples of what he can do.

4. UZ “Trap Shit 13 (Justin Martin Remix)”
2011 and 12 got me into Trap music, but this year I wasen’t feeling it as much. Artists like Falcons, Lindsay Lowend and people just doing Trap infused stuff was way more interesting to me. Anyway, This Justin Martin remix of UZ is super redonk. I heard him drop it at the Dirty Bird party in San Francisco and the whole place erupted. He takes the trap elements and “houses” them out, which seems to be a great trend that I can dig.

5. Sard Boogie feat. DJ Welly “Sucka Removal Kit”
I love Sard’s B-Boy styles and this song is pure classic Hip-Hop and a total dance-floor slayer. The scratches and beats are on point.

6. Kolombo “Nonstop”
Another House jammer, this time from the funky Belgian Kolombo. I have to admit Frank found this guy and was all over this song before it even dropped. When it came out I heard everyone from Chris Nitti to DJ Worthy dropping it in there sets. Funky, great beats, pumping percussion and dope vocal..check..

7. SkiiTour “Awkward Tour”
I love these guys and this A Tribe Called Quest rework thing is amazing, it fit in my Native Tongues mix perfectly. Look out for them in 2014, they are doing more House songs and I really love what they are writing.

8. Kaytranada “At All”
This guy is set to blow up wide open in 2014, his style touches on UK Garage, US House, and Trap. I saw him play at Flash in DC and his set was flawless, fun and really well put together. He puts so much soul and energy into his sets, which is refreshing to see when so many DJ’s are just fist pumping puppets these days.

9. Jungle “The Heat”
This was the late night summer jam for me, you can feel the night moves and vibes on this. The understated vocals and groovy keys really build a nice little jam, I even love the use of the police siren in the background.

10. Daft Punk “Get Lucky”
Do I even need to write anything, song of the year for so many people and I love it.

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