Recently uncovered treasures include this selection of fine vintage LPs fresh from the field.

1.  Funkadelic – Funkadelic’s Greatest Hits [Westbound]
Standing on the Verge of Getting It On, Hit It and Quit It, Can You Get to That, etc.

2.  Bohannon – Stop & Go [Dakar Records]
The solo debut! Before delving deep into disco, Hamilton Bohannon dropped heavy wah-wah guitar and massive drum breaks. Stone cold funk classic.

3.  Sapo – Sapo [Bell Records]
Funky latin rock from 1974, includes the storming Been Had, a DJ Shadow sample.

4.  The Awakening – Mirage [Black Jazz Records]
Raer 1973 jazz-funk from the always on-point Black Jazz label.

5.  Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Red, Black & Green [Polydor]
Classic soulful jazz-funk.

6.  Gary Bartz – Music is My Sanctuary [Capitol Records]
Jazz-funk fusion includes the massive title cut.

7.  Kool & the Gang – Greatest Hits [Delite Records]
Funky Stuff, Jungle Boogie, Hollywood Swinging… need I say more?

8.  Bobbi Humphrey – Blacks and Blues [Blue Note Records]
Another stone classic! Amazing flute-led jazz-funk.

9.  Sarah Vaughan – Feelin’ Good [Mainstream Records]
Ms. Vaughan gets hip on this 1972 LP. Easy Evil is a moddish soul jazz standout.

10.  Cymande – Cymande [Janus Records]
The absolutely classic debut album. Deep funk.

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