Free Form Experience was talented, motivated, and disciplined. Unfortunately, they just didn’t have the luck or connections to strike it big. Even a temporary relocation to California that yielded a single 45, “Blowin’ My Mind,” resulted in not much more than disappointment.

Experience Unlimited, later shortened to E.U., is a band from Washington, DC that’s still active on the go-go scene. But the band started out with a funky, Jimi Hendrix-type vibe rather than the straight-ahead go-go sound that would one day take the band in a different direction.

The TSU Tornados were best known for supplying the backing beat for Archie Bell & the Drells’ much-imitated hit “Tighten Up.” “Please Heart, Don’t Break” is a fantastic soul tune in a very different vein than their in-the-pocket funk work, and firmly situated in that beautiful-soul community that I’ve come to appreciate.