DJ Stylus, Meistro and Deep Sang, aka The Sol Power All-Stars have found a new home to rock the dancefloor with African and Latin beats. Check out the mix below to get a taste of Shrine at Tropicalia, DC’s new global dancehall. Shrine at Tropicalia Friday, Sept. 14 (and alternating Fridays) 10pm – 3am No…

As reported earlier, The Sol Power All-Stars are opening for The Very Best this Friday at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Lead single, “Kondaine” (featuring Seye, who will also be at the Rock and Roll Hotel on Friday) is a great introduction. Try to resist the catchiness.

DJ Stylus, Meistro, and Deep Sang continue their bi-monthly residency as the Sol Power All Stars at the legendary Eighteenth Street Lounge. Get ready for another incredible night of the sounds of the African diaspora: samba, salsa, afrobeat, cumbia, merengue, afro-latin deep house and more.

Funk Filled Afro-Latin Music Showcase at Rock & Roll Hotel, Fri. Dec 16

Cheick Hamala Diabate is not just an artist but he’s a descendant of Mali’s ancient griot tradition. Washington is fortunate to have him based here and performing regularly. You can get into his sound this Friday along with Los Empresarios and The Sol Power All-Stars!