Skeewiff’s 12 Days of Xmas Super Soul giveaway continues. Coming correct with another Shawn Lee blend—this time with Nancy Sinatra—”I Got Soul Boots Made For Walkin'” fuses “Soul Boots” with Nancy’s well-loved classic.

Skeewiff are at it again with the second freebie in their 12 Days of Xmas Super Soul giveaway. Their fusion of Shawn Lee’s “Soul Boots” with their own “I Got Soul” has rendered a cheeky uptempo breakbeat mover in the classic Skeewiff mode. Try to sit still!

Fave producers Skeewiff bring some holiday joy to the dance floor with “Jingle Bell Thanks,” the first installment of their 12 Days of Xmas Super Soul. That’s right, a song a day for the next twelve days, making for a full-length album of holiday goodies, fully available December 25th.

I know some people view mash-ups with disdain, but when done right they can take 2 or more familiar songs and make them sound fresh again. This mash-up was created by Skeewiff; whom record out of London and own the highly influential label Jalapeno Records.