Tamara Wellons

Tamara Wellons’ new single “Behind the Veil” is as uplifting as it is musically sophisticated, and the video treatment really shows the warmth of her personality.

Halfway through my opening DJ set for Echo & the Bunnymen, I worked in “Get the Message” by Electronic, the 1991 collaboration between Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr.

German electro-pop pioneers Kraftwerk flew mostly below the radar stateside, yet they were a very influential group to many synth based artists that charted highly in America. Driving rhythms with flowing melodies can be a formula for pop success and this was the basic recipe for their 1978 release, “The Model.”

A late entry into the Halloween-themed downloads, Glass Candy have created an homage to John Carpenter’s legendary all-synthesizer scores for his own “Halloween” films. A sing-song “trick or treat” melody glides atop slick synths creeping along at a stalker pace. Nicely done!