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Gabe is the Devil: Steely Dan Samples

Posted by: Rusty B
Jun 01, 2011
steely-dan Album Collage

Steely Dan always remind me of summers in my mothers car with the windows down, listening to AJA hanging my arm out and trying to grab grasshoppers as they jumped by.

Kutiman’s New Favorite Color

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Mar 23, 2011

Israeli producer Kutiman has just released another YouTube cut’n’paste masterpiece, assembled using only unrelated video clips as samples. Soulful, groovy and wonderful to behold.

Out Like A Lamb

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Mar 26, 2009

Late March already and I haven’t posted a chart in three months…! Here are a few recent purchases I’ve been grooving to lately. Some you’re going to hear at Marvin, some stay at home. But all are worth checking out. 1.  Blossom Dearie – Sunday Afternoon [Daffodil Records] Breezy jazzy pop number (from 1973’s Blossom Dearie […]

New Beats

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Dec 12, 2006

Its been a while since I’ve put up a chart. But I most definitely have been shopping! Feeling these as of late. 1.  Dunkelbunt – The Chocolate Butterfly [Chat Chapeau] Balkan horns meet ragga toasting over some broken beats. Dope! 2.  The Broken Keys – The Witch [Tru Thoughts] The Music Machine’s classic “Talk Talk” gets chopped […]

Hot August Night

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Aug 19, 2006

These got the dancefloor sweaty and me sweatier at the Eighteenth Street Lounge. 1.  Mooch – Sidestep [Jack to Phono] Working as Mooch, Flevans gets even funkier on this limited 7 inch. 2.  Original Sound – Music (re-edit) [TK Disco] Banging, celebratory disco at its finest. 3.  Pastrami Man – Pastrami Machine [Freestyle] Insanely funky disco re-edit by […]