Ain't life Rad?

A fine example of mid-80s motivational soundtrack rock, a staple of the class-conscious underdog sports movies of the era (see also The Karate Kid, Better Off Dead). I have to wonder if “Break the Ice” wasn’t written for a different movie: the story of a young man who spends every afternoon on a frozen over baseball diamond in suburban Toronto practicing extreme moves in his hockey skates.

After a stint as backing vocalist for Culture Club and Shalamar, Jermaine Stewart secured a deal with Arista Records by recording demos in the former’s studio. Stewart would go on to have multiple Top 100 singles and would be forever remembered with his 1986 single, “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off.”

There’s a club scene in the 1983 classic Valley Girl where Randy (played by Nick Cage) falls into the arms of his ex. On the stage of that club is The Plimsouls performing “A Million Miles Away.” I hadn’t heard the band before but quickly bought their self-titled album and it’s still in my Top 100 of all-time!