Song of the Day: Mark Ronson “Uptown Funk [feat. Bruno Mars]”

Posted by: DJ Jayclue
Nov 24, 2014

Superstar DJ/producer Mark Ronson teams up with none other than pop sensation Bruno Mars on the very danceable single, “Uptown Funk.” I can’t get enough of it!

Song of the Day: Melvv “Vibe”

Posted by: Rusty B
Oct 14, 2014

This song of the day has piano and groove that is pure bliss while creating a head nodding state of mind.

OUT NOW: Qdup’s “Lone Star EP”

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Oct 10, 2014

Qdup—the production/DJ moniker of our own Jayclue— returns with a funky collection of tunes featuring some amazing vocalists from Austin, Texas.

Song of the Day: Anthony and the Camp “What I Like”

Posted by: DJ Meistro
Sep 24, 2014

Most folks that follow dance music these days probably recognize the bass riff and synth line from “What I Like” by Anthony and the Camp. But the OG is where it is at for me.

Song of the Day: Ween “Voodoo Lady”

Posted by: Neville C.
Aug 29, 2014

“Voodoo Lady” is the funk track on Ween’s Chocolate & Cheese album. The song bounces along nicely (ahem).

Song of the Day: Beerlover “Special Girl”

Posted by: Rusty B
Jul 23, 2014
Beer Lover

Awesome slow jam from the oddly named Beerlover, I love the way he teases the vocal bits and groove.

Song of the Day: Kashif “Love Stoned” (Casual Connection Remix)

Posted by: Rusty B
Jun 24, 2014

Casual Connection takes on Kashif’s kinda corny “Stone Love” and flips it into something that is actually funky.

Song of the Day: Bok Bok “Howard”

Posted by: Micah Vellian
May 21, 2014
Bok Bok - Howard

Alex Suchon, aka Bok Bok (and founder of the label, Night Slugs), has released a broken beat, 80’s funk and boogie influenced track called “Howard” in anticipation of his upcoming EP, Your Charizmatic Self.

Song of The Day: Marcos Valle “Estrelar”

Posted by: KC Higgins
May 20, 2014

Marcos Kostenbader Valle’s best selling record was the 1982 song, “Estrelar,” a boogie dance track marketed as “workout music” upon it’s release.

Song of the Day: Mr. Moustache “Breakfast of Champions”

Posted by: Rusty B
Apr 28, 2014

Mr. Moustache really comes alive on this track, “Breakfast of Champions.” I love his keys and groove that he builds.

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