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Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Nov 29, 2012

What does a DJ wish for this holiday? Headphones, records, turntables, and studio gear, of course. But also fire pits, comic books and zombie survival kits. Check out what D-Mac, Nitekrawler, Atticus, Jayclue, Rusty B., Meistro, Stylus, Stereo Faith, Micah Vellian, and Ange want to unwrap in December.

Vinyl: Now There’s an App For That Too

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Dec 12, 2011

Our friends over at vinyl-obsessed multi-city blog The Vinyl District have just announced the release of their new iPhone/Android app, “the only GPS-based record store locator app in the US for you vinyl and record store obsessives.”

Halloween stop-motion video shot entirely on iPhone

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Oct 11, 2011

Check out Jason Willis’ little Halloween stop-motion masterpiece, shot entirely with his iPhone!

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Oct 06, 2011
Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The world lost a true visionary yesterday.

The electronic soundscapes of Tim Kaiser

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
May 18, 2011

Tim Kaiser creates one-of-a-kind ambient analog electronic instruments from all manner of toys, industrial cast-offs, and obsolescent technologies.

Buy the Daft Punk Ferrari for Japan relief

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Apr 14, 2011

Daft Punk have offered the coolest of the 259 music-related pieces up for auction by EMI Family for Japan relief efforts: the 1987 Ferrari 412 used in their feature-length film Electroma. I’m not usually one for 80s-era industrial design, especially automotive design (too many fetishized sharp angles), but this black Ferrari is an exception.

A Little Music Machine

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Apr 13, 2011

This is a cool little Flash toy courtesy Sembeo that allows you to play simple bell tones on an interactive matrix.

Analog Techno bliss by Daren Ager

Posted by: DJ D-Mac
Mar 17, 2011

Since 1988, Daren Ager has been making wonderful acid and techno tracks using an awe-inspiring array of vintage analog gear.