Song of the Day: Willie Tee “First Taste of Hurt”

The Gaturs were one of New Orleans’ best soul groups, constantly bringing their own sound to every gig they played. If not for the Meters, I’d probably be saying that they were the best of the lot. So when the Gaturs hooked up with vocalist Willie Tee and recorded a boatload of singles, they were destined to be magical. One of my favorite singles has the A-side branded with a fantastic funky jam, appropriately called “Funky, Funky Twist.” Yet the real magic here is the b-side, “First Taste of Hurt,” where Willie tells the tale of a woman constantly taking whomever she wants from a self-replenishing supply of suitors, then quickly throwing each one away in order to move to the next man. It’s here that Willie devises his plan to date and then “drop some hurt” on this woman, to teach her a lesson. It’s an interesting twist on the usual storyline. Check it out!

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