Song of the Day: WBBL “Bust a Fuze (Busta Rhymes Bootleg Edit)”

WBBL and Busta Rhymes got you all in check!

Ghetto Funk superstar WBBL comes correct once again with a glitch-hop reworking of Busta Rhymes’ 1996 classic “Woo Ha!!! (Got You All In Check).” Fresh-out-the-oven, “Bust a Fuze (Busta Rhymes Bootleg Edit)” features all manner of synth squiggles to scrunch up your face while you nod your head. And just wait for that trademark bass wobble!

Such a great bass-heavy track, it works just as well without Busta’s vocal. Working so well in fact, WBBL released the instrumental too! The tune (both the bootleg edit and the instrumental) is available as a free download. All you gotta do is sign up for wbblmail over at WBBLSITE.

Bust A Fuze [DL Link in Description] by WBBL

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