Song of the Day: Tom Goss “Bears”


What’s not to love about this song?

I love it when DC throws me a musical non-sequitur. Out of the blue, a guitar wielding singer/songwriter (and gay former priest in training) from Wisconsin, Tom Goss wrote the feel good power-pop hometown anthem of the summer: “Bears” What’s not to love about this song and the accompanying topless pool party video? It’s the kind of pop song Pansy Division would’ve killed for, if they’d traded in punky crunch for snappy acoustic guitars and a big dance beat.

It’s about liking something other than what society tells you is hot and attractive. In this case being turned on by big & harry guys in the often svelte and manicured world of young gays. It’s deceptive rebel music with a fun, uplifting message. And it’s catchy as hell. The only thing it needs is a bit more length (ahem); coming in at a mere two minutes and fifty nine seconds it will leave you wanting more.

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