Song of the Day: The Thrills “Underneath My Makeup”

hqdefaultA good while back, I’d heard a mix I quite liked that had a number of tracks I couldn’t identify. One of my favorites was a track by some female vocalists which, though it was well orchestrated, was just so emotionally raw and honest that it stuck in my head. I figured the title was probably “Underneath My Makeup,” since that was the stand-out section of the hook. Didn’t know I’d happen upon it in my travels. The group turned out to be The Thrills, and just like I thought, the title was indeed “Underneath My Makeup.” Released on the mighty Capitol label in 1967, this soul 45 has power that defies its age. Give it a listen!

One thought on “Song of the Day: The Thrills “Underneath My Makeup”

  1. I really do hope that you get this. DJ. I am the voice on Underneath My Makeup. This was my first group back then in Brooklyn. My girlfriends and I started the group. Sandra. Dortch and her two sisters Beverly and Delores. Me. Dianne Lynton. My stage name after that is Donna Lynton. I just found this on. You tube. After soooooooo many years. So great to hear it again. I still sing. Moved to Europe Holland. Became famous with the title song from the TV series. Charlie’s Angels. Now I am in Florida US A and in Holland. I go back and forth. I’m so glad that you like my record on Capitol. I love it. Thanks again. Dianne. Donna. By the way my whole name is Dianne Carol Lynton. Funny

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