Song of the Day: The Laughing Spoonful “Summer in the City (V Somesynth edit)”

V creates smile-inducing dance floor fillers

The mysterious producer who goes simply by V came onto the scene in a big way with a huge grip of re-edits and remixes of classic rock and soul tunes. Crate digging be damned, V sets his sights on the big songs we all know and love then tweaks and dubs them into smile-inducing dance floor fillers. One of the very best is his reworking of The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City.” An extended break intro leads into that distinctive piano hook and John Sebastian’s soulful vocal. Then V adds a fat synth line that pushes the tune into Ghetto Funk territory. And boom goes the dynamite.

So good, Rusty B. and I each felt compelled to drop it in our sets last Friday at Bucket Funk! at Dodge City.

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