Song of the Day: The Jazz Butcher “Soul Happy Hour”

Today’s song of the day is about that magical time in most everyone’s lives, happy hour. From the prolific, eccentric, and lyrically brilliant (and therefore shamefully under-appreciated) Jazz Butcher’s wonderful and absolutely essential 1984 album A Scandal in Bohemia, “Soul Happy Hour” is—according to founder Pat Fish’s own liner notes—”An important personal statement.”

Over a gently bouncing acoustic folk-pop backing (love those brushed jazz drums!), Pat Fish croons his clever ode to the special joys of alcohol:
Whiskey, Vodka, Special Brew
All of this is good for you
Gin sling, Cointreau, brandy sour…
Blot right out! Soul happy hour!

I was first interested in The Jazz Butcher because David J. (of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, and Love and Rockets) played bass, but I soon found that as a group The Jazz Butcher held their own particular charms. Every album—especially their mid-to-late 80s output—is filled with wonderful songwriting, inventive arrangements, and performances that range from folk to funk to punk to cabaret.

While the original album on tiny UK indie label Glass Records is rare, A Scandal in Bohemia was remastered and reissued on CD in 2001, making it much easier to own in full digital glory.

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