Song of the Day: The Heavy “Can’t Play Dead”

another spooky stop-action video from Jason Willis

Happy Halloween! Taking a break from laboring over an appropriate Song of the Day pick for All Hallows Eve, I visited one of my favorite blogs, designer/animator/musician/Halloween superfan #1 Jason Willis’ Scar Stuff and was absolutely thrilled to see his latest piece of work, freshly delivered just yesterday: another spooky stop-action video, this time for UK garage-soul act The Heavy! According to Jason’s own post, the band saw his 2011 Halloween stop-action mini-epic (which I wrote about last year) and asked him to make the official video for “Can’t Play Dead,” lead single off their new album The Glorious Dead, on Ninja Tune.

Jason Willis has lovingly crafted, frame-by-frame, a stop-action graveyard rave-up starring the band, a voodoo doll-wielding femme fatale, the undead, vintage-inspired title cards and a whole lot of creepy fun. Awesome!

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