Song of the Day: Stone Coal White “You Know”

"Stone Coal White"HEAVY. That’s one of a few choice words that come to mind when I hear this tune by Stone Coal White.

Stone Coal White was a Dayton, Ohio based psychedelic funk & rockish soul band that blended experiences, drugs and emotion into a variety of tunes that were recently compiled by Dante Carfagna and Josh Davis (DJ Shadow). The band released just 2 45s, both recorded in Union, Ohio, at a studio owned by a man who covered his studio walls with serene mountain-scapes, and listened to early organ-driven roller boogie. One of the 2 45s contained the cut, “You Know“, a tune that pushed the psych-funk envelope in a very primal way. Listening on youtube won’t really do this justice, you need to get the Comp and bump this one on your home system. Or, if you’re very very very very lucky, you’ll encounter the original 45. The bass is really, really, really, deep. In fact, the whole thing is mixed HOT and features weird panning while it inevitably shakes everything. To add to that, the emotional undertone is compelling. When this song hits my turntable, my eyes always widen. Again…..HEAVY. Check it out!

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