Song of the Day: Spreading Love with Al Hudson and Black Sun

I feel like I should be embarrassed for all of the boogie, soul and disco jams that have made it into my repertoire via a house cover or edit but I’m not. Whenever you first hear a great record, that was the right time for it to enter your life. Giving out late passes is for lames.

Still though, I try to be thorough, yet it took me years to get hip that the 1999 soulful house boogie bomb “Spread Love”, credited to Lenny Fontana presents Black Sun was a cover of the Al Hudsun and The Soul Partners 1978 jam of the same name.

That Black Sun though… I used to crush the Musapella version. Opening with that delicious bass line, then layering the Rhodes, rhythm guitar, strings and synth lead before a single note is sung, not dropping fully until 3 1/2 minutes of buildup.

The original takes a similar journey, with more subtlety over its 8 1/2 minutes. Sometimes you have to skip straight to the vocal when spinning but take some time to listen to the whole thing.

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