Song of the Day: Radio Birdman “What Gives?”


I was first turned on to Sydney, Australia’s Radio Birdman back in the mid-80’s by some Aussies I lived with in London. Named from a line in The Stooges’ Fun House cut “1970,” Birdman existed from 1974-78 (later regrouping in 1996) and was hugely influential on the Australian punk and indie scenes. Their guitarist Deniz Tek was/is an ER doctor and ex-navy flight surgeon from Michigan who moved to Australia in 1972. Along with lead singer Rob Younger Birdman took the music of the Stooges and MC5 and put their own spin on it. One of the most powerful bands ever, in my opinion. These guys rocked and if they’d been American or English everyone would know who they were!
There’s a bonus track and part of an interview on the video if you want more!

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