Song of the Day: Primal Scream “It’s Alright, It’s OK”

Primal Scream are back with a new album, More Light (their tenth, out May 13th), produced by none other than David Holmes. Having been big fans of both for years, this is a match made in heaven. Twenty-two years after the groundbreaking Screamadelica album, Primal Scream have had career ups (the aggro-electronica of XTRMNTR) and downs (the slavish retro-rock of Riot City Blues), but whatever the sounds they created, they were always committed to them, believing it is all just rock’n’roll anyway. I guess that commitment is why I’ve remained a fan for every release, dazzled as often as I’m frustrated.

Rock’n’roll traditionalists Mojo Magazine just gave the new album a perfect four-star rating, which says a whole lot about what More Light is going to sound like. This really made David Holmes’ day.

On lead single “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” David Holmes seems to have helped them return to that perfect kaleidoscopic, Screamadelic place with another set of gospel-infused rock moves straight out of Steven Stills’ well-worn playbook (see Screamadelica opener “Movin’ On Up”). But in the committed hands of the ‘Scream, it sounds nothing short of glorious. Welcome back, fellas!

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