Song of the Day: Placebo “Humpty Dumpty”


I’m a big big fan of Placebo, and over the course of this past week, I successfully bumped this particular track, “Humpty Dumpty,” more times than I’d care to mention. It’s pretty addictive. So who were these guys? Well, in a nutshell, they were a Belgian jazz band with a four-piece brass section that cut albums from 1971 to 1974. Their debut LP, Balls Of Eyes, is known as being their best effort (it also won a prize at 1972’s Montreux Jazz Festival). Off that LP comes this track, “Humpty Dumpty,” with a fusion of jazz, funk, and chillness. I know I’m not completely alone in being obsessed with Placebo; for example, super-producer J Dilla used this particular track to cut and paste his own composition; “Love Jones.” Check out both the original by Placebo and the J. Dilla cut’n’paste below.

PS: Even if you don’t get into the sound, just check out that album cover. I’d like to have a poster of that up someday! Monstrous.

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