Song of the Day: Mother’s Finest “Piece of the Rock”


I was recently back in my hometown of Atlanta for a family gathering. Driving around town I was reminded of the countless shows I saw as teenager and as a young adult. One local band who I saw at least six or seven times and who blew me away each time was Mother’s Finest. They released their first album in 1972 (on RCA) and had their greatest success in the late 70’s.

Depending on who you asked they were either the funkiest rock band around or the rockiest funk band around and that was one of the reasons they never completely broke nationally as folks didn’t know which section to put their records in! They were also multi-racial which further made them hard to label. Live, these guys couldn’t be beat. Here’s one of my favorite songs by them and then a live show they did on German TV which gave them a bigger audience in Europe than they’d have in most of the US.

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