Song of the Day: Mary J. Blige feat. Pharrell Williams “See That Boy Again”

Mary and Pharrell

I can’t believe this one slipped under my nose when it dropped this summer. Pharrell Williams has been on a tear for the last couple of years, and with that hot hand, everything he touches is a smash. And Mary J. Blige… well, in my eyes she can do no wrong. I will fight somebody for Mary J. Blige. I even let that crispy chicken debacle slide, because she’s my boo and love forgives.

“See That Boy Again” is from the soundtrack for the 2014 film Think Like A Man Too, which I hear wasn’t completely horrible despite being based on Steve Harvey’s specious relationship advice. As for the song itself, it’s the perfect medicine for an R&B fan looking for top tier R&B artists to bring soul back to a genre suffering an identity crisis. Mary finds herself regretting not following up on a chance encounter with a stranger who piques her interest in a brief and electrifying moment on the dancefloor. Pharrell channels Stevie Wonder in the production style and lends some of his imperfect but endearing vocal charm to Mary’s lament.

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