Song of the Day: Julius Brockington “This Feeling (Freedom) Whiskey Barons Edit”

This is a great DJ friendly re-edit of Julius Brockington and The Magic Force’s heavy funk jam from 1973, “This Feeling (Freedom).” I first heard of this song as it was sampled by one of my all time favorite hip-hop groups Jurassic 5 in their 2002 song “Freedom.” This is a great example of sampling and making something new out of something old or taking much inspiration from a track and creating something new. Check out the samples pointed out here.

The Whiskey Barons do a great job of making the original tune a bit more DJ friendly while keeping true to the original tune. I love discovering a classic like this. Just listen to the west coast ‘funky worm’ style lead sound in this track. That’s some real funk!

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