Song of the Day: Green Velvet “The Preacher Man”

Green Velvet

Am I really writing a song of the day post about an Acid House track? Yes!

I need more of this right now!

For starters, this is the first dance music track that made me think, “whoa, what is this, I need more of this right now!” “The Preacher Man” by Green Velvet features a long spoken word sample of Clarence LaVaughn Franklin (Aretha Franklin‘s father!) overlaid on a building, tweaking, peaking and totally freaked out acid groove. It’s arguably the “best” house music song ever. You would surely agree if you had been there at Tracks when this song debuted. People want absolutely mental! To this day I have not seen people let loose like they did when this song was played on that crushing system. Normally people don’t want to listen to a sermon while jacking their body late at night lost deep in the groove, but you could not in a million years write lyrics that better (cynically) extoll the pure debauchery and freedom that a nightclub can provide. It still sounds fresh after 20 years!

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