Song of the Day: Laura Mvula “Green Garden”

Laura Mvula

an irresistible dance song that refuses to be dumb

A fresh Neo-Soul gem from UK songstress Laura Mvula (and our second posting about her remarkable music). “Green Garden” is referred to as “day time music” by the Forget Me Not trio responsible for the “Unofficial Remix” (link below). Exciting from the first chimes and syncopated handclaps to the hyper-autotuned harmonies, the original track balances fun and emotional sincerity to create an irresistible dance song that refuses to be dumb. Nothing wrong with aiming straight for the hips when making dance music, but when you can uplift and get down at the same time you are on another level entirely. Easily one of the best neo-soul tracks of 2013. The Unofficial Remix takes the same approach with a deep and soulful simplicity rather than the all-too-familiar epic buildups and drops common in today’s popular dance music.

Grab your own copy here.

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