Song of the Day: Busta Rhymes “Get Down” (DJ Stylus Sol Power Mix)

Busta Rhymes

The Sol Power All-Stars present: Busta In AfricaI’ve been sitting on the “Get Down” acapella for a minute and it’s a criminally slept on party weapon from Busta Rhymes‘ 2006 album The Big Bang. Timbaland‘s brilliant creation is stripped down to just sparse hand percussion, side stick hits and a kick drum and is supremely funky, the vocal was just too tempting not to remix.

So with a Sol Power treatment, we’ve now got multiple layers of percussion and drum breaks along with horn stabs, plus a clean edit to make it more practically useful. I had a bit of fun flipping the Shaft In Africa artwork too.

Play it loud and put a hurtin’ on your dancefloor.

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