Song of the Day: Brutal Disco “Heart 2 Heart (Sons of Satin Drama Storm Remix)”

80's Soft Rock Dude Kenny Loggins80’s Soft Rock Dude Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins has become kind of cool again these days with the yacht rock thing bringing this 80’s classic back to life. “Heart to Heart” was a full-on 80’s emotional jam that you could sway to your girl with that even went to chart at 15 when it dropped in 1983.

My homies the Juan and Hugo whom also produce under the name Brutal Disco dropped a cool edit recently of this classic, they fixed the timing added a nice kick and worked it just right so that you could mix it in and make it flow in your set. I heard it and thought I could take the edit one step further. By just using a few key vocal phrases and adding in a part in the middle with some 808 bass, I also added my own claps and some field recordings of storms to add to the drama and it came out pretty cool. Forgive the mixdown as I did this whole thing in my headphones while my kids slept, hopefully you will dig it.

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