Song Of The Day: Blue Boy “Remember Me”

Blue Boy - Remember Me

When I first started playing house, I got enamored with a simple loop-based tune that sampled snippets of Marvin Gaye’s “Funky Space Reincarnation.” Back then, due diligence was required to track something down on vinyl, or else you wouldn’t be able to spin it. That’s how I came up on Blue Boy’s 1996 “Scattered Emotions EP” on Guidance Recordings. “Funky Friday” was the tune, and I still pull it out occasionally.

Blue Boy - Scattered Emotions EPCuriously, I never paid much attention to the other tracks on the 12-inch. If I had, I may have been aware that “Remember Me” was a decently successful dance single, around the time that acid jazz was a passé term, and the industry was grabbing for new names to describe slower tempo dance music (trip-hop? downtempo?). I’m fond of the track simply because it reminds me of the great days of party break records, when producers created tools for DJs out of dusty drum loops and phrase sampling.

The remix is the version that went big, although I favor the original just because it’s grittier and lets the Skull Snaps break breathe a little more.

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