Song of the Day: All Cows Eat Grass “I’m In Love”

A.C.E.G. - Be Kool EPI was gobsmacked when I first saw jazz-rock-pop-funk hybrid band Jaspects perform in DC. I devoured their amazing Polkadotted Stripe album and was chagrined to discover I’d already missed a good six years of previous releases and touring, launched from their homebase of Atlanta, Georgia.

Then they fell silent. I learned that a Jaspects member was the music director for another ATL scene alum and collaborator, superstar Janelle Monae. Then I started seeing cryptic missives around the ‘net about ACEG. Then I snagged two amazing EP’s from All Cows Eat Grass, a Jaspects spin-off group. I was happy again.

For this pick it was hard to choose between the recent DIY video for “We All Win” or the quirky dancefloor jam “I’m In Love” but there really isn’t a wrong choice.

I’m In Love by All Cows Eat Grass

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