Song of the Day: Shangri-Las “Leader of the Pack”

Shangri-Las Leader of the Pack

Song of the Day: Shangri-Las “Leader of the Pack”

The Shangri-Las were latecomers to the girl group era, but became one of the very best—arguably the greatest—girl groups. A winning combination of adolescent charm, tragic subject matter, and the inventive sound of producer Shadow Morton propelled The Shangri-Las to the top of the charts.

The group’s material, so over-the-top emotionally that it sometimes bordered on camp, was lightened by the first-class production, which embroidered the tracks with punchy brass, weeping strings, and plenty of imaginative sound effects. Nowhere was this more apparent than on “Leader of the Pack,” with its periodic motorcycle roars and crescendo of crashing glass. The death-rock classic became the Shangri-Las’ signature tune, reaching number one.

As the president* continues his misguided and ill-informed Twitter assault on that most American of American institutions Harley-Davidson, let’s pause to consider the company’s 115 year history and important place in American culture.

The Wisconsin-based Harley-Davidson claims that current trade tariffs on steel and aluminum will raise production costs by over $2000.00 per vehicle. So the company is moving some production facilities off-shore, a purely business-based decision.