Song of the Day: Ruff Diamond “Rock the Discotheque”

Ruff Diamond

Song of the Day: Ruff Diamond “Rock the Discotheque”

Out now on his brand-new imprint, SupaEarth Records, Ruff Diamond returns firmly to his disco/boogie/funk roots with “Rock The Discotheque.” This is a track that is guaranteed to get butts out of seats and on to the dance floor.

Packed with a Funkadelic-esque bassline, an infectious disco-rap hook, vocals that hit the Lisa Lisa spot, and a beat full of all things Boogie n’ Bounce, this gem will be rocking dancefloors and roller skate jams [soon?].

With a hint of Electric Boogaloo, 80s Child (Masterworks Music) minimizes the vocal hook for a more dubbed version, with a hard hitting kick drum for the dance floor, adding a Nile Rogers-esque guitar hook reminiscent of the Bowie era.

Originating from Manchester, England, Ruff Diamond has a long history as a producer, songwriter, session musician and remixer. Famed for his soulful ‘magical touch’, Ruff Dimaond has done official remixes for artists such as Beyonce, Estelle, Teedra Moses and Che’Nelle. He has also written plenty of his own brilliant music, as “Rock the Discotheque” should ably demonstrate.

Ruff Diamond Rock the Discotheque