Song of the Day: Ride “Vapour Trail”


Song of the Day: Ride “Vapour Trail”

Ride, one of my favorite bands from the 90’s have recently reunited and I’m about to see them live this Thursday. Here’s a bit about them from

Ride were formed in Oxfordshire, England, in 1988 by guitarist/vocalist Andy Bell, vocalist/guitarist Mark Gardener, bassist Stephan Queralt, and drummer Loz Colbert when the group members were still in their late teens. The band soon earned a dedicated following through its blisteringly loud, intense live shows. Creation Records signed the band in 1989 and the group released its self-titled debut EP later in the year.

So far, only one bride has requested a Ride song from me and it happens to be my jam. Here’s “Vapour Trail” from their stellar debut album, Nowhere:

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