Song of the Day: Los Hitters “Un Hombre Respetable”

Los Hitters

Song of the Day: Los Hitters “Un Hombre Respetable”

If you’re wondering why the title of this song sounds a little familiar it’s because it is the Spanish translation for “A Well Respected Man” a classic The Kinks song from 1965. Here the song is covered by the Mexican garage band Los Hitters. I don’t know much about Los Hitters other than they came from Northern Mexico and came together in 1964 and were active until 197. They had several hits covering some of the day including “Land of a Thousand Dances”, “I’m Alone Now (I Think We’re Alone Now)”, and “For Your Love.” It appears that the bulk of the group’s output was in the form of Spanish language covers of English language pop hits.

I discovered them when I found their debut LP in a thrift store years ago. They had great taste in material and rocked hard. I’m linking both versions of “Well Respected Man” so you can compare, or just dance.

Los Hitters‘ cover:

The Kinks‘ original: