Single of the Week: The Alchemist “EYEsotope Remix”

The Alchemist - EYEsotope Remix

Single of the Week: The Alchemist “EYEsotope Remix”

Out just last weekend (to very little fanfare) is The Alchemist “EYEsotope Remix”. Available exclusively as a premium digital download from the Drumetrics website, MRR’s obsessively analog instrumental “EYEsotope” (from his long sold out 2018 vinyl-only EYEdeals EP) gets the cut’n’paste treatment from top-shelf hip-hop producer The Alchemist The heavily-reverbed, cinematic psychedelia of the original is transformed into a dreamy slow-motion head nodder. I don’t usually post about a tune without being able to post the song itself, but in this case I must make an exception, simultaneously praising it while respecting the Drumetrics collective’s declaration:

*This Track Will Not Be Streamed Or Sold On Other Platforms*

In order to hear it, you’ve got to buy it! Compared to their limited pressing $40 10″ vinyl releases, $1 is a bargain indeed.

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